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The Helping Hand
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The production of this event requires the moving of large loads, long distances, quickly. Expect to be fulfilling roles such as setting up, breaking down, and ensuring no barbell is left without its clips! This is a very crucial role that will make sure our event runs smooth and on time, which is of the utmost importance to our success. You also may be asked to fulfill other similar duties outside of this scope, such responsibilities as meeting and greeting, athlete and volunteer check-in and corralling, and should expect to have a lot of interaction with others. However, please note, you will not be asked to judge.



Check In

Getting athletes checked in and accounted for is crucial to the events time management. If you are OCD this is for you.

Kids Room Attendent

Gotta like kids. Ha Ha. This is not a sit and text role. There may be a lot of kids in the room at the same time. Law and Order must exist for there to be harmony. If you have babysitting experience, 15 years or older and female, this role is for you.


Someone wants to buy something. You sell it to them. You have to know how to give change back without a calculator. You also need to be somewhat tech savvy to run the iPad terminal.

General Volunteer

Whatever roles we already have filled we can always use an extra hand. People need to take breaks and whatnot. May ask you to take out the trash or move something.